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Rings galore!


“Waiting for you.”


New shoot, Old Zoo.

So I’m started to get the hang of doing a photoshoot, I’ve done only a few and I set this one up myself with a help of a few good friends. I took these at the Old Grifith Park Zoo, which might I add is an amazing place to do a photoshoot!

What I learned from this:

  • Choose models that know what they are doing: It’s always fun to take pictures of a gorgeous guy/girl, but it isn’t fun when they aren’t comfortable with themselves and/or are shy. If so, talk to them into the shoot to make them feel more comfortable, but make sure you get the images you need!
  • Make sure you check out the weather & pick the right time to do the shoot: It can get really hot and stressful for your models…yes the makeup will run off their face and they will try to clean it, which will make things worse. Don’t extend the shoot longer than it should be and make sure that you get really strong images from each scene. This way you will have a variety of images to work with.

Here is the outcome of the shoot:

More images here