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Rings galore!


Lady Gaga’s performance > Miley Cyrus’ performance

enough said.

Miley Cirus


and wtf is up with her tongue out every two seconds? You aren’t Amanda Bynes, get your act together woman.


Girls cutting themselves because Justin Beiber “smoked marijuana “?

What is this I hear about young girls cutting themselves from hearing that Justin Bieber smoked mj? 1. Do they even know that its true? 2. Why would they do such a thing in the first place.

I’ve always been one against a person cutting themselves; I wouldn’t hurt my body or disrespect it in any way. I just don’t understand what goes through these young girls minds when they do stuff like this. I mean I understand that people cut themselves for whatever reason and I know people that have cut themselves before, but I am honestly clueless why someone would do it for a celebrity that they are most likely never going to interact with in their life.

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