Day 1

Okay, I am officially writing my first blog post about getting into shape. I am NO professional, this is just my advice coming from what I have been Googling and my trial and error in staying fit.  I’m done Googling, and I’m going to start to actually do the work and stop sitting on my ass. So here is how I’m starting and getting my head into the game:
GOAL: Lose body fat & Tone up!

  1. Follow some Fitness inspiration Instagrams/Tumblr/Pinterest/Blogs/etc:
    1. Since I’m not a huge blogger/writer ( I use Tumblr on the daily) I have found a few Instagram pages and Tumblr Pages that I can follow so I have some inspiration to motivate myself to do the work. Here are a few that I follow: I will add more if I found good ones:) If you know any please comment below!!
      1. Inspiration / Fitness Instagram Pages to Follow:
        1. Michelle Lewin
        2. Alya Kattan
        3. Jen Setler ( I want that booty)
        4. Dannibelle
        5. Sophia Miacova
        6. Daphne Joy
  2. Research & Set a Goal!
    1. It’s always helpful to have a plan on what you need to do to get where you need to be.
    2. STAY CONSISTENT! This has been one of my biggest challenges, like forever. I can’t be consistent with anything, if you want to achieve something, you must stay consistent. Keeping yourself motivated will help you with this.
    3. MY PLAN: My plan is to work out 4 days a week and get my booty to the gym. Since I’ve already graduated, I have no excuse to not get my butt to the gym. This also requires lots of sleep! So my plan is to manage my time by spending it wisely and sleeping early. My goal is to sleep at 10PM, latest 10:30PM, as long as I get about 8hours of sleep.
  3. Watch what you eat & Drink lots of water!
    1. I currently am a huge Pepsi fan, but I have to stop this bad habbit. I need to drink only Water and gradually stop drinking juice with tons of sugar. I have set myself a goal to drink at least 8 cups a day. I bought myself Food and Exercise Journal (<- link to buy / image below) And I cross off each water cup I drink and write my daily workouts/what I eat. (Side note:It’s also a perfect journal to figure out if you have an allergies or if you are having stomach problems)
  4. DIET: I’m not necessarily “dieting” but just watching what I eat. So this means: No rice, no mayo, no extra sugars, no junk food, etc.
  5. Waist Trainers: I’ve done my research on waist trainers, I do actually have one, I bought it from a year ago, I noticed the website is no longer active, but this is the same one I have. It’s more expensive than what I paid, I suggest you do some research on the type of waist trainer you are looking for. I wanted mine mainly for my love handles so I can wear it and pull it down to cover my love handles. I want to start wearing it hourly and slowly adding a few hours each week. I have seen results on my love handles so this definitely has been helping me.

I will keep you guys updated weekly! So follow and check for my updates! If you are also doing a similar plan or any diet plan, I want to follow you! So please comment below =]


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