I’m so sick of people constantly giving me negative shit. I’ve been so depressed and down lately I don’t what the hell is wrong with me. I just want to turn my phone off for a few days and just go away for a little just so I can be alone. All I’ve been feeling lately is peoples hatred towards me and I don’t even know what the fuck I’ve been doing wrong. I haven’t been myself lately I’ve honestly been in another world. All I care about is other people’s happiness, but who cares about mine? I haven’t even had time to sit down and work towards MY happiness because I’ve been worried about everyone elses. Wtf am I doing. What the hell is wrong with me? I feel like I’m going crazy. I literally get off from work and all I want to do is go to sleep for the day to end. I’ve been arguing with people that I love because I don’t know how to fix anything. I try my hardest to find out what’s wrong and how things can be fixed, but all I do is make everything worse. I honestly don’t even want to be writing this cause idk who is gonna read it and start arguing about it with me. I’m so sad right now, I had the worst birthday and I honestly just want this month to end. I’m not on the track I need to be, my relationships with people seem like their drifting. I feel like I’m loosing myself. I’m just going with circles trying to mend things that I can’t even figure out and nothing is getting fixed. Why can’t I communicate with anyone?  What is happening to me?


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