So it’s my birthday!

No fireworks….I don’t feel 22. I don’t think I look it either. I don’t have anything planned for today. My best friend is in Vegas, my boyfriend is working, and all my other friends are working too. It kind of sucks being alone on your birthday. It’s like the only day where you can be a brat and snobby (not that I am lol ) and get away with it. I guess It’s the only day where I would want attention, out of 365 days in the year. It doesn’t feel like a special day like it’s supposed to. Yeah I’m ranting and being snobby lol, but whatever. It’s sort’ve my fault cause I didn’t plan anything. Well I wanted to go to Disneyland with my boyfriend, but that didn’t work out and I don’t think its gonna happen. So I guess I just didn’t plan a backup plan. Which sucks cause I’m home alone doing nothing. I guess I just want this day to be over by now. I’m a type of person that having a good day on my birthday really matters to me, not exactly sure why. Maybe cause I’ve always done something or tried to do something for it. I guess I expected more out of this day. Better make the best of it then.


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