Chapter Nine9////

Currently Listening to: Midnight souls still remain -M83

Haven’t really written anything in a while. I’ve been so busy with work and having a wonderful boyfriend. I kind of miss writing, just for the heck of it. Not really sure if anyone reads this, but it’s good to write down your thoughts and life updates once in a while. Well, I am currently working in this niffy building on the 12th floor for some financial company. I really enjoy working there and my best friend also works with me. Schools starting in a week though, which means I won’t get many hours as I did before (which is okay with me cause I had a good experience). My social life is also well, I didn’t think I’d like somebody as much as I do now. It is possible ladies and gentleman. :] It’s just sometimes, I wish some things were different, I wish he was more comfortable with me and more open. It’s funny cause, I’ve never felt this way about any guy I’ve ever met, and the one guy that I do, believes that I don’t feel the way I feel. I wish I understood why, but I honestly can’t figure it out. I’m not the best at showing my feelings, which is kind of a problem.


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