Just don’t have enough..

Have you ever heard of the saying “time is all we have” ? I think its the total opposite. That’s what we don’t have enough of.  Have you ever spent one day just appreciating life or devoting one day to yourself? Maybe taking yourself out to the beach with no worries in your life, clearing your mind, and just listening to the waves coming in and out.  Many people  don’t ever have time for themselves because they’re too busy studying or working trying to plan for the future when they don’t realize they need to stop and plan for right now.  Are you really happy with studying and working 24/7. By the time you reach where you want to be you’ll have more white hair than you’re supposed to have. People don’t know how to manage their time wisely that is why they usually make the wrong decisions. This also comes from being organized, I usually always have some kind of planner with me or I use my calendar on my phone to remember certain events that I usually would forget. I don’t have the best memory which is why I have a tendency to write everything down or make lists. I think if people were a bit more organized they would have a lot more time on their hands to do something they usually wouldn’t have time to do. Patience is also key. Another think which I highly lack. I hate waiting, I hate lines, I hate slow drivers, I hate long car rides with family (unless I have a fully charged laptop and a good movie to watch :]) What I’m trying to say is people should really learn to manage the time they have and be more organized with things.  Get yourself a godamn planner.


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