Osama dead? I think not.

I honestly think that the US knew where Osama was this whole time, according to fbi.gov, the reward for catching Osama was 25 million…where the fuck is this money coming from when we obviously are in an enormous debt crisis. Secondly, is it a coincidence that Hitler died the same day Osama did? And why have we no proof that Osama is dead, I honestly wanna see a body or something or publish some kind of DNA records that they actually killed him. And how the hell did they find him? there is no actual proof or story or anything on the finding of Osama. What if this was all done to make Obama well appreciated by others…and what is all this talk about ending the war when clearly we got in the war because of oil? WHAT the actual fuck does that have to do with Osama. I don’t  even think Osama was even behind 9/11. I think this is all a cover up of how our goverment cannot handle things correctly…I would bring the illuminati into this but that’s a whole different story.

..If you disagree with me, please show me otherwise that he is actually killed, this shit just doesn’t make any sense.


3 responses to “Osama dead? I think not.

  1. ummmm… make sense..
    good point.

  2. I absolutely agree!! even if I was in the USA just for a visit, I think your government can’t handle your country……’case Osama’ is just a next part of the big American unsuccesful dream…

  3. I know you posted this almost a month ago, but i’ve only just now discovered your tumblr and decided to read this… In all actuality, we got into the war in Afghanistan for opium… but the rest of what you said is spot on. 🙂 I admire your ability to think for yourself, instead of believe what ‘they’ tell you to believe.

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