What I think about love.

Why do we hold on to memories? Maybe because we just can’t seem to let go of the past? Maybe because that one night when he was holding you under the stars and saying he “loved you” is the strongest memory you have. What is love really? It’s just a word someone made up a long time ago when they “felt” something with someone, like a connection magnet that kept pulling them towards another. Its sad to see girls throw their lives away these days over a guy just because he said those three words. Like they got lost and blind because of how guys control them so easily. I mean it’s really easy to get into a girls pants with by just saying “i love you”because us girls honestly think you really mean it.   That’s how pathetic love is nowadays, fuck the shit you see in movies, no you’re never going to get that unless he’s really actually different.


One response to “What I think about love.

  1. These are the most true words I have heard in years.

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