Okay so, i honestly think it’s stupid to have  a relationship at the ages of 18 & lower.  I don’t think guys have “matured”  enough, and girls are honestly retarded and don’t know what they want half the time. Don’t say this isn’t true cause I’m sure you agree with me. I don’t really know if love exists at this age, and i can’t really say I’ve ever been in love, so i wouldn’t know. I just think when someone wants to be with you, but you don’t feel the same…for example.. you don’t get excited when he texts you, you don’t think about him 24/7, hearing his name doesn’t make you smile,etc…then you really shouldn’t be with the guy, simple as that. Don’t be with him just to “be in a relationship” or to get over that one guy that’s still on your mind. yedig?


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